Beauty Products From Croatia!!

A while back, one of my coworkers trekked across Croatia with her husband and while there she brought back these lovely locally hand made beauty products!!

DSC00159 DSC00172 DSC00177

I can’t even begin to describe how great both of these products smell!! The Lavender & Sweet Orange Lip Balm smells like the freshest oranges and the Relaxation & Healing Salve smells like most soothing lavender! Truly you can tell that these were made with the best locally fresh and organic ingredients.

So far I’ve been obsessed with both of these products and have been finding myself reaching for them constantly throughout the day! And what’s even better is that they have an Etsy shop, so I will contact the sellers as soon as I run out…guess I don’t have to travel all the way over to Croatia to stock up! ;)



2 thoughts on “Beauty Products From Croatia!!

    1. Yes it is! I tend to use a lot of lavender products right before bed…so soothing! Let me know if you end up contacting the etsy store to purchase something! ;)

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