Kate Spade Earrings

How lovely are these Kate Spade double ended stud earrings!! I purchased similar, less expensive earrings not too long ago and have been wearing them nonstop!  I love how simply they look when my hair is down, but I really love that unexpected “something” when my hair is pulled up! So when I saw this crystal and black pair at Kate Spade I fell in … Continue reading Kate Spade Earrings

Beauty Products From Croatia!!

A while back, one of my coworkers trekked across Croatia with her husband and while there she brought back these lovely locally hand made beauty products!! I can’t even begin to describe how great both of these products smell!! The Lavender & Sweet Orange Lip Balm smells like the freshest oranges and the Relaxation & Healing Salve smells like most soothing lavender! Truly you can … Continue reading Beauty Products From Croatia!!