Moorea Seal = My Accessory Heaven!

You know that feeling when you find that perfect store for a specific item?  Like when you find that little cafe that makes the BEST latte’s, or that cobbler who fixes your worn out shoe soles for only $10 bucks, or when you find the perfect manicurist who paints your nails in some magical way that causes the polish never to chip?!  It’s like you wanna stop whatever you are doing at that moment and do a little happy dance!

Hopefully I am not the only one out there who gets giddy over these sorts of things. :)

All that to say, I have finally found my accessory heaven….Moorea Seal.

About a year ago I was strolling through Belltown, a little neighborhood adjacent to Downtown Seattle, and happened to notice their cute little window displays from the street.  Needless to say as soon as I stepped foot into Moorea Seal, I fell in love with their vast selection of handmade jewelry, boho chic handbags, and adorable home decor!

Here are a few snap shots of my most favorite jewelry items…some old, some new.



How awesome is this “Little Dipper” Earring Cuff?!  I literally got this from their store about 2 weeks ago, and I can already see that it is sold out online.  But they do have an equally cool “Big Dipper” Earring Cuff that can be seen here.


And how cool is this marble pendant?  I love the matte black chain and silver jump rings on the chain…it is perfect to add to my outfits when I am going for that edgy look!

DSC00429    DSC00428

I was actually given the Black Arrowhead Necklace (on the left) as a birthday present last year by a coworker and when I told one of the Sales staff how much I loved it she ran to the backroom and pulled out the Silver Arrowhead Necklace (on the right) for me as they were no longer selling it on their floor…so sweet of her!!!

Also, they have the best selection of super durable, non-rusting, delicate thin rings that I have ever come across.  I seriously have found myself just heading over to their store to pick a few of them every other month or so as I like wearing them stacked on my fingers.

I can’t say enough good things about Moorea Seal:  Their Sales staff is kind and super helpful…they have been known to fix my jewelry for me time to time. Their website is amazing, with new inventory being added regularly.  And their price points are very reasonable!!  So I can officially say, my soul is finally feeling at ease…I have found my accessory heaven!



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