Hawaii 4.0

I recently just got back Maui and thought I should share a few pictures from my vacation with y’all!!!


Every evening as the sun was setting the grounds people would light the tiki torches surrounding the cover and all of the residents would blow conch shells from the balconies.


I loved the super tall palm trees near Honokeana Cove.  It was really cool to watch these trees sway during those strong tropical winds.

IMG_0964 copy

It ain’t a trip to Maui unless you visit Ululani’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice in Lahaina!  This picture was pretty much taken to make the rest of my family, who were unable to join us on this trip, very jealous…it worked. ;)


Pretty Lanai Island off in the distance.  It was pretty cloudy the first couple of days we were Maui, so this was my first glimpse of the island.


While waiting for our Macadamia Nut Pancakes at the very popular Gazebo breakfast restaurant, I walked over to Napili Beach to watch the waves crashing up on the rocks.  I swear I could stare out at the ocean for days at a time.


These massive sea turtles would come and sunbath on the rocks every afternoon.  There were over 20 living in this little cove!  You should have seen my day freaking out every time he saw one of these giant turtles wash up on the rocks.  He would run and grab his Selfie Stick and proceed to take a million pictures with them, hehe.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures & I hope you all have a lovely day! :)



10 thoughts on “Hawaii 4.0

    1. Thank you for saying so! I’m new to this whole photography bit, trying to teach myself along the way. He he. If you do plan a trip out there make sure to upload pictures!! :)

      1. Oh I will! will be living in Europe next year for a student exchange and will be perfecting my photography skills over there first. But after that, Hawaii here I come lol! And no problem, beautiful pics:)

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