Distant City Lights

In the past year I have relocated a bit closer to the heart of the city and I can honestly say that my obsession with the blurry distant city lights has grown even stronger.

I find myself getting totally distracted from whatever mundane task that I am doing only to realize that I’ve spent an absurd amount of time staring out my window while watching the dancing city lights.

Here are a few of the most recent photos that I have been obsessing over.

photo 1lightshyperlights citylights traffic twilightlights

(All images are from We Heart It)

I swear all of the above pictures have at one point been either a background or home screen for either my work computer, my personal laptop or my iPhone…like I said, I am obsessed!!

Also, I wanted to share a photo that I was able to capture on my iPhone the other day.  My friend and I were walking around the city as the sun was setting and I was able to capture my own blurry city lights!!

photo 22

Here is to more city light gazing!



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