New Lip Balms!

How adorable are these little fruit shaped lip glosses that I recently picked up?!

 moly photo 4

I had read an article a couple months back about how Urban Outfitters was planning on expanding their beauty department by offering popular Asian makeup and skincare products that aren’t available to the typical American consumer.  Now at the time I thought that the products would only be available at their flagship stores or via their website…so I was thrilled to see these cute little guys at my nearby store! :)

Now it would be TOTALLY acceptable for me to say that I bought these lip balms because of the super adorable packaging…but I’ve actually tried a few different TONYMOLY products (presents from friends who have traveled overseas), so I knew I would actually use these up.

photo 2

And unlike many other tinted or slightly colored lip balms, these TONYMOLY mini lip balms actually contain SPF15!  Bonus!!

So far I have been loving everyone’s reactions when I pull one of these lip balms out of my purse.  They are always curious where I purchased them at and if they are any good.  If you don’t have an Urban Outfitters near you, here is a direct link to where you can purchase them online! :)



6 thoughts on “New Lip Balms!

  1. They are super cute! Do you just apply them with your finger tip and do they taste/smell like the fruit they are packaged as?

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