Nordstrom Haul

Okay, note to self…

Do NOT enter a Nordstroms when trying to kill time, especially during the Women’s Half Yearly Sale. Many dollar bills will be spent on items that you never even knew you needed!

Which directly leads me into my haul from this weekend. :)

furry blanket

How lovely is this blanket?! I have been lusting over this super plush throw from the Nordstrom At Home Department for nearly a year. Now I am not one to plunk down a lot of money for home decor items…but this blanket is heaven!! It is plush & furry on one side and soft & sueded on the other. Originally $68.00, I got on Sale for $40.80.

top shop snood

So I have this thing for cream colored scarfs. So when I was cruising through the Top Shop Department my eyes were automatically draw to this cute cable knit snood. Originally $40.00, I got on Sale for $11.90.

house of harlow IMG_8473

I am not going to lie, these were completely an impulse buy. I have always been a fan of the House of Harlow jewelry, so I thought it was high time that I get the sunburst earrings. These weren’t on Sale, I paid $38.00.

Let’s hope that I don’t go back into a Nordstrom’s anytime soon! It is so easy to spend so money in there. I mean, I probably got all of the above items in less than 35 minutes!



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