It’s December Already!

Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!  It’s already December and Christmas is just around the corner!!!  No joke, kind of freaking out here…but in a good way!! :)

There is something so magical about the whole Christmas season!  From meeting up with friends for holiday parties to bundling up and venturing into the city to find the most perfect present for a family member…I truly love it all!

But perhaps one of my most favorite things about the holidays is the simple act of walking downtown in the evening, looking at all of the lovely Christmas lights strung about in the trees.  It’s like you’re walking in a movie or something.  I love those soft orbs of light that can be seen from blocks away.

Here is what I am talking about…..

ChristmasLights TreeLights SnowLights OrbLights

Ah, perfection!  Can’t wait for Christmas!!

 On a side note…I am truly sorry for not blogging lately.  I have been a little crazed with work and social activities, so I really haven’t turned on my laptop in a couple of weeks.  But thank you all for your emails and messages asking when I would return with a new post!  I will try and be more on the ball! :)



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