Ethereal Portraits

Much in the same way that I love surrealistic art (see my last post), I have also been drawn to ethereal nature-y (is that even a word?) portraits.

Here are just a few of my favorites…

IMG_7211 GirlForest large

The focus and the lighting truly makes these images so romantic.  I love the use of nature in each of these pictures…from the trees to the water…each play an integral part in the beauty of each portrait!

And can I please be the girl in the first photograph?  Can someone expertly place some branches in my hair, give me awesome back lightening and make me look like an ethereal fairy in the forest?!

I can’t wait to get a new digital SLR camera to start taking my own beautiful images!



2 thoughts on “Ethereal Portraits

  1. These photos are stunning and inspiring–the kind that make you want pick up your camera and give it a go. Lighting is everything!

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