Maximum Strength!!

So prior to boarding my flight to Maui, I decided to stop into the Butter London nail salon for a quick manicure.  The manicurist mentioned that my nails were peeling (gross and embarrassing…I know) and that I should start using some sort of nail strengthener.

So for the past 3 weeks I have been using this Sally Hansen Maximum Strength nail treatment.

photo 3

And I can honestly say that this stuff has worked wonders! I use it as a base coat for my regular nail polishes and have been noticed that my nails have been peeling and chipping far less!  And for under $7.00 you really can’t beat it!!



3 thoughts on “Maximum Strength!!

  1. Whenever I take the tips off my nails to let them breathe I always use the Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps as a base. Its the only way I can keep my nails from getting extra nasty.


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