Face Packs

Well nothing says “beauty” more than wearing a face pack that makes you look like a serial killer!

Bam! Check out these supa (oh ya, I said “supa” instead of “super,” cause I am down like that) fun new face packs I picked up from the beauty section at my local Asian grocery store.


 And for those of you who weren’t aware…many Asian makeup brands offer some of the best skincare beauty products out in the market! I mean who do you think created BB Creams?!

I typically gravitate towards the Collagen masks as I want to help fill any premature fine lines and I know that my skin does well with Collagen based masks. I think I might try the Sweet Honey mask tonight!



2 thoughts on “Face Packs

    1. So far so good! I had never heard of them either, but at less than $2.00 a pop I figured I would at least try them out. If you see them at your local Asian grocery store I would def give them a whirl! :)

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