Yankee Doodle Dandy

I am not picky about many things…but the one thing I tend to not budge on is the type of candles I burn in my home.  And while I am no candle connoisseur, I believe that Bath and Body Works makes some of the best and most affordable candles.

So needless to say when I stepped into the Yankee Candle Store this past weekend to look at Halloween decor with a few friends…I didn’t think I would be stepping out of the store with anything.

Now I didn’t get a “candle” per say…but I got this super cute white ceramic warmer.

IMG_6669 IMG_6673

Now get this…the warmer plus the 3 wax melts plus a small tea candle was only $10.00!  I know, get out of town, right?!

 And come to find out after I unwrapped everything once I got home the 3 wax melts were in “fall” scents which are my favorite!!!

 November Rain: Smells like a rainy fall day.
Lake Sunset: Has a clean water scent.
Vanilla Chai: This one is my favorite by far…smells exactly like its name! 

Now I got the last one in the store I was in, but hopefully some of you other candle lovers out there might be able to snag one at your local store!



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