Chicago Summer Trip!

So far July has been a whirlwind of various birthday activities! The first being my trip to the windy city…Chicago!  

I spent a jam packed four days walking about the city shopping, eating and taking in all of the sights!

 In the next few days I hope to put up a post with all of the pictures of all of the items I purchased while in Chicago!  But in the meantime I thought I would share a few pictures that I took on my (crappy) iPhone while walking about.


Of course we had to go to Millennium Park to see the famous Cloud Gate sculpture…aka the Metallic Bean!  If you look closely at the lower picture you can see me (with my leg popped/twerked/swerved) in the reflection!


 We tried to hit every single wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, but honestly I feel like one could spend a week here and still not see everything.  The picture on the left is of Claude Monet’s Rocks at Port-Gaulphar and the one on the right is that of Grant Wood’s American Gothic…two of my most favorite paintings.


And then while we were checking out the Asian wing of the museum we noticed that all of the statues looked like there were dancing!  I swear that lone statue on the left looks like he is about to “twerk it” and the group of statues in the upper right hand corner looks like they are dancing “Gangnam Style.”   And that bottom right hand picture is for my friend Kristin (it’s like Medieval Times all over again)!

beach navy pier

Then one of our nights we went down to the Navy Pier area to watch the sunset!  Nothing says summer like standing next to a giant ferris wheel, eating a vodka snow cone while watching the night light up with giant fireworks!  Perfection!!!


We also made it a point to do one super “tourist-y” thing which ended up being the SkyDeck at the Willis Tower (aka the Sears Tower).  The view was amazing…apparently on a completely clear day you can see to 4 states!


And while we were on our way to to Northerly Island to watch the Counting Crows concert on our last night in town we stopped by Buckingham Fountain!

I had an absolute blast while in Chicago!!  The sights were amazing, the people nice, the company great, and the food was yummy.  All in all it was a fantastic trip!



3 thoughts on “Chicago Summer Trip!

  1. The SkyDeck totally freaks me out. I think it’s the heights thing. But how were the counting crows? I saw them in New York and it’s the perfect summery concert, imo.

    1. Ha, the SkyDeck actually wasn’t too scary! And the concert was amazing! I hadn’t seen them perform live in almost 8 years…they were just as good as I remembered last! Thanks for checking out my blog! ;)

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