Rainy City Nights Are The Prettiest!

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest all of my life, I have learned a thing or two about the rain.

So I gathered all that “knowledge” and compile a little list for you all.  Here you go:

1. Although there may not be a cloud in the sky and it’s over 80 degrees out, doesn’t mean that it won’t start raining 5 minutes from now.  Be prepared.

2. Your umbrella WILL pop inside out while you are walking through a stopped intersection.  And yes, everyone WILL stare, laugh and point fingers at you.

3. Wet leaves on the ground are a very dangerous thing…stay far, far away from them.  Especially if you are wearing heels!  Slippery little buggers!

4. No matter how you try and cover yourself with your umbrella, sideways rain will still hit your face.  Just accept it.  Think of it as a free moisturizing facial.

5. Lastly of all, the rain always makes the city streets looks so pretty at night.  If you don’t believe me check out these pictures! :)rainCityRain  rainy rainynight RainyNights sanfranrain

I hope you have enjoyed the little bit of “knowledge” I have bestowed upon you.  Now go and conquer.



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