Statement Necklace

I recently saw a fellow bloggers post about statement necklaces and have become obsessed with finding one for myself for this Spring and Summer! Check out these super cool black and clear crystal necklaces: But I was thinking that it would be even more fun to do something in color:   Or even in Pastels! I have perused the jewelry sections at both J. Crew … Continue reading Statement Necklace

Rainy City Nights Are The Prettiest!

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest all of my life, I have learned a thing or two about the rain. So I gathered all that “knowledge” and compile a little list for you all.  Here you go: 1. Although there may not be a cloud in the sky and it’s over 80 degrees out, doesn’t mean that it won’t start raining 5 minutes from now.  Be prepared. … Continue reading Rainy City Nights Are The Prettiest!