Carrie Bradshaw QOTD

For all those SATC fans out there…I love this quote:


Perhaps it is just my particular generation, but I feel like we try and plan so much of our future while at the same time scrutinizing each and every single detail of our past…honestly its exhausting state to be in (or around).  Maybe its high time to leave things alone and “see what happens.”

On a side note I wish that they would bring SATC back around again…I miss when Carrie would have those “epiphanies” in the last few moments of the show and you knew EXACTLY what she meant.



3 thoughts on “Carrie Bradshaw QOTD

      1. It’s fantastic. Carrie is a sweet suburban girl thrust into like Gossip Girl land but in the 80’s. she isn’t the chain smoking, sex columnist 30-something we know and love, but the character is beginning to cultivate those quintessential Carrie epiphany monologues. In other words I highly, highly recommend you catch up on all the episodes online.

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