Those are some circus pants!

There really isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t look at patterned fabric.  It is within the very nature of my job to be constantly reviewing plaids, ditzy prints, stripes, geo prints, ect…I feel like I have seen ’em all!

But lately I have been noticing something trending that is a little different than the usual pattern stripe…2 color wide vertical stripes on skinny stretch pants!


StripedPants bluestrippants stripedpants1

I am not going to lie, these pants look a little “big top circus tent,” but I do love them!

Now I wouldn’t necessarily rock this look myself (as I have a feeling these pants would look horrid on anyone above a size 4)…but I do think they look pretty dang cute!  I love how such a simple wide stripe can instantly create such a “look” without being fussy.  I mean you can’t take yourself too seriously when you are wearing pants that look like they were made for the circus!



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