Socks and Sandals? Yes, Please!!

Some of you may find this look, well odd…but I love cutesy socks and heels.


Last spring I started wearing fun frilly colorful socks with some of my shorter boots and ankle booties.  I loved that little extra peep of color…but I am ready to try it now with more traditional white frilly socks and heels.

I mean seriously…how cute are these pictures?



I love how frilly and girly this look is…I am so ready for the weather to start warming up so I can start wearing my skirts and dresses again!

Keep your eyes peeled for future OOTD blog posts with this look!



6 thoughts on “Socks and Sandals? Yes, Please!!

  1. Ahhh, I love this look soooo much! I have not tried it myself yet though. Possibly being that I have been experiencing a very hot summer and living in havaianas but I’m promising myself, this Australian winter, I will do it :) xoxo

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