Two Awards?! Why Thank You!!

It truly has been an awesome week thus far!  I have been nominated for two blogging awards by two different bloggers!


1.) Very Inspiring Blogger – by Shona at Absolute Frankness


2.) Very Versitible Blogger – by Alyssa at Belle Extase

First off, I just want to thank the ladies who nominated me here…that was really so very sweet of the both of you.  It makes me happy knowing that my readers enjoy what I am writing about and actually feel inspired by it!  Hugs for all!

Part of the deal of being nominated is that you have to list out 7 random things about yourself.  So here is my “random” little list:

1.) I have been a vegetarian for the past 15 years.

2.) I collect garden gnomes.

3.) I skip down the street when no one is looking.

4.) I can quote all of Anne of Green Gables movies.

5.) I can’t sleep on the open end of a pillow case. 

6.) I use mens shaving cream b/c I like the smell better.

7.) I never stand in the “tweens.”

(**10 points for anyone who actually knows what a “tween” is.**)

Ok, now that I have that out of the way. I would like to nominate the following blogs for this award as well!

After Musing

Joy and Coconut

Tiny Red Shoes

I Loved and Lost


The Attic Room

Cosmetic Caitlin

The Fab Palette

I hope you all of you ladies know how much I enjoy reading your blogs as well. :)



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