Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Spring is just around the corner


perhaps it’s just my inner “granny” showing…but I am so loving florals right now!

I guess that is most likely why I was lusting after a pair of floral Dr. Martens for so long…check out that post here.

But I have namely been obsessing over Victorian floral prints and more specifically the Dolce and Gabbana florals from their past F/W 2012 collection.

D&G2012(1) D&G2012(2) dolce&gabbana D&G2012(4)

(pictures via WeHeartIt)

I just LOVE how lux all of these prints are!  Who new that “granny” florals could be opulent?!


I was even able to find a close up picture of pattern on the first dress pictures…seriously how cool is this dress and cherub floral pattern?!



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