Day Trip!

I love going on little day trips.  There is nothing better than escaping the city…even for just a few hours!

Lucky for me, I live in Seattle.  Which means I only have to travel a few hours in any direction and I will find myself near the ocean, mountains, countryside, or even Canada!

This past weekend I went with some friends to Bainbridge Island…which is about a 30 minute ferry trip from downtown Seattle.  So I though I would share a few of the pictures from our ferry ride!

ferrybainbridge seattleskyline

Unfortunately, we really didn’t take too many pictures while on the island.  We were so busy hiking around, shopping and eating that we must have forgotten to document the whole thing!!

Anyways, we had a blast and were completely exhausted by the time we boarded the ferry back to Seattle.  I am so use to living and working in the city…it was a nice change, even if for just a few hours to be in a slower paced environment.

Cheers to adventures!


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