Crackling Fire Candle

This past weekend I went to Bainbridge Island with some friends and happened across a little shop than sold every type of candle imaginable!

Now I am pretty much a tried and true soy candle kind of gal.  I love how “clean” soy candles burn and how the true scent of the candle comes through.  There is nothing I hate more than a “waxy” smelling candle…ugh.

 Well I had noticed in a corner of the candle shop that they had the “crackling fire” candles.  One of my guy friends was recently telling me about he had one of these candles and how they make a “crackling” noise when they burn…sort of like a real fire.  So I decided to pick up this little guy.


I love the little ceramic blue and white container and the scent is super “clean” smelling.  So far I have burned it for a little bit and it definitely has that “crackling” noise…pretty cool!



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