Floral Boots

I find that I have this strange dichotomy to my personal style…I am naturally drawn to more girly, frilly things, but at the same time I also enjoy edgier, more punk styles as well.

The best is when I am able to marry the two styles into one!

Take for instance Dr. Marten boots. The are so quintessentially “punk,” but when you add girly details, like the floral patterns pictures below they instantly becoming cutesy!


I have been really lusting after the black floral pair pictured below…


I tried them on in the store awhile back and they did not fit properly, but the sales associate mentioned that they were having some “fit” issues with the black floral canvas boots. So I am planning on going back sometime soon to try on the leather floral styles to see if they fit better!

Seriously, how cute are these?

I will let you know how it all turns out! Maybe there will be a OOTD post in the near future!



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