Tulle Skirts!

As you all know, I love anything that is super girly and feminine.  So its only natural that I would love tulle!

Perhaps it my inner ballerina (oh ya, I took ballet classes for all of 5 weeks) or maybe its the fact that I still enjoy a lot of the same things I did in my childhood..all that to say, I am loving tulle skirts!

tulleskirtcream tumblr_lj24hbxVMn1qeo03no1_500_large_large tumblr_mcqlbjB5vK1rh1qmzo1_500_large

I mean how freaking cute are all of these skirts?!  But I am also loving the longer tulle skirts as well!


 241435229993058172_c67lGn07_b220394975484453645_O9NlYJLm_b L_p0022616589

So pretty!



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