Sally Hansen Nail Polish

I admit it…I am a nail polish junky.  I am an addict.

I was recently at Rite Aid and picked up quite a few of the Sally Hansen Smooth Perfect Color Care pastel nail polishes to add to some Christmas presents I was handing out this year.  And then I decided to pick up the three colors below for myself!



I love, love the Sally Hansen nail polish brush…it’s flat and wide and is perfect for applying polish.

So far I have tried “05 Whisper.”  This polish is a lot more sheer than I had expected.  I believe I had to apply 3 coats before you could really tell that the polish was a light lavender color.  So far not too impressed.   I am hoping the other colors are more opaque.



2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Nail Polish

  1. These really remind of the L’Oreal polishes that I bought last year. They had some beautiful pastels in the collection that I was really excited about. One of them, a shimmery yellow called Tweet Me, it took me close to five coats to get any sort of color to show up. Pastel polishes can be so disappointing!

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