Product Review

I was recently sent a box full of products to review by Influenster (a social media online community that shares reviews and opinions on various products) and now that Christmas is over I finally have the time to recap and review all that was sent to me.


Please note I was sent all of the below products for free, but all of my reviews are of my own opinion.

Ghiradelli “Sea Salt Escape” Milk Chocolate Bar:  Not gonna lie, I totally tore open this sucker as soon as I got my box!  It maybe lasted all of 24 hours before I consumed the whole entire thing!  I love chocolate and sea salt…and the almonds were the perfect amount of crunch.  I will probably purchase this on my own next time I am craving some chocolate!

Bath and Body Works “Forever Red” Perfume:  I was excited to see that this perfume was in my box as I have heard so many people talking about it on blogs and vlogs.  But to be honest this perfume was a little to “fruity” for my liking.  It definitely smelled like pomegranate and peach.  I mean it was nice, but not what I am particularly drawn to.

Pilot Frixion Pens:  I really haven’t had the chance to use these pens that much yet, but I did test them out and I like that you can “erase” the ink with the rubber end of the pen.  Reminds me of those erasable pens I use to have in elementary school.

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor and Venus & Olay Razor Refill Razor Cartage:  This is the only product that I have not had the chance to test out yet (I had just opened up a new razor the day before this package arrived).  But I love the fact that you can use the Gillette handle with any of the razor heads…I am all about throwing less plastic into our landfills!

Well I am hoping that this review was helpful for a few of you out there who might have been teetering on whether or not to purchase some of these products.  I feel like most of my subscribers know my taste and my level of quality, so hopefully these reviews help you out. :)



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