A Pink Christmas!!!

I have not decorated a Christmas Tree in years!

My roommate and I have two very sad excuses for trees….Mini Tree and Goldie Tree!  And while we love these little trees for various reason that I can’t even get into right now as it would take me days to blog about…they aren’t the same thing as having a real tree.

As a child I remember getting so excited to set up the Christmas Tree and decorating it with all of my ornaments I had made in elementary school.  I even enjoyed testing all of the prior years Christmas lights to ensure that all of the bulbs were in working order!

But on the flip side I remember our cat annihilating any ornament hung on the lower half of the tree…I also remember my parents making me crawl under the tree (army style) to water the tree everyday…and then there was the general disappointment come December 26th when my Dad was so eager to pack up all of the decorations and throw the tree out.

All that to say, I haven’t decorated a Christmas Tree in years…that is until a couple of days ago!!

I was headed to the restroom while at work and my bosses boss cornered me and told me that I was going to help her set up the office Christmas Tree!  I mean what could I say…except for, “sure, I would love to help!”  But honestly, we had a great time decorating the tree and it actually looks pretty dang good if I do say so myself!  The best part of it all was the President of my company came by and said that he couldn’t offer us any hot cocoa for us, but there was plenty of beer in the fridge for our merriment.  I mean what doesn’t scream “holiday beverage” quite like an ice cold Corona?!

So needless to say I am currently obsessing over Christmas Trees…Pink Christmas Trees in particular.  I don’t care if it is super girly…I want one!  Check out the below pictures I have saved for inspiration for next year.



Or I would even settle for a regular tree, but I would want it decorated with pink and silver ornaments like the below tree!


So pretty!

Cheers to the Holidays!


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