Military Influnce

If you were to ask me 2 years ago how I felt about military inspired clothing, I would have gone off about my distain for anything and everything camo related!!  At the time I was working with so many different camo patterns that I think I started to resent it all.  But now I am singing a completely different tune!

There are so many great military inspired trends out there right now and I love how they are being interpreted into woven shirts, jackets, and pants!  Check out the little collage that I threw together with all of the pieces that I am currently lusting over!

I love taking menswear and making it feminine and wearable for me.  So its only natural that I am obsessed with the whole military trend.  I actually purchased the jacket below from Asos a couple of weeks ago!

How fabulous is this jacket?  It literally sold out on the Asos website within a few days…luckily one of my other blogger friends brought this jacket to my attention and I made sure to snap it right up!

Unfortunately, as soon as I pulled the jacket out of the box I noticed that it heavily smelled like a mixture of cat pee and rotting fish. Now I know that this jacket wasn’t accidentally soaked in anything bad…but that its actually a chief characteristic of the dye used.  So far I have dowsed the whole thing with half a bottle of Febreeze, but it has only taken the smell down by 50%.

Anyone have any good ideas?!  I really, really want to keep it!



4 thoughts on “Military Influnce

  1. I am a die-hard lover of military styling in women’s wear! This is about the third time it has been “in” in my adult life, and always with a fresh take. Never throw away your old military-look things; this look is a true classic and they’ll always come back in style. My chic 21-year-old has my gorgeous military-influenced blazer from the 90s now.

    I love the jacket you show with the leather sleeves.

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