Whimsical Sweaters

I hate to admit it, but the Fall season is here.

And while I necessarily don’t enjoy the colder weather or the rain, I love Fall fashion!

I have seriously been loving all of the whimsical sweaters I have been seeing in the stores.  Especially the sweaters with single adorable cutesy graphics!

Here is a few of the sweaters that I have been “eyeing” thus far!

Tiger Print Sweater from Forever 21.

Skull Topshop Sweater…available at Nordstroms too!

I love, love, love these two sweaters from Wildfox…the Heart Jumper and the Stag Jumper.

American Eagle Bow Sweater.

Peter Jensen Fox Sweater…available through Asos.

I can totally see all of these sweaters layered over a denim chambray shirt with leggings and a pair of lace up boots!  So frackin adorable!  I want them all!

Cheers to fun fashion!


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