Yummy Food!

I recently went over to my Professors house, along with a few other students to have a lovely feast of Korean food!

I took a few pictures while we were eating so I could share our yummy meal with all of you!  But prepare yourselves, you WILL become super hungry after looking at these!

Kimbap…kind of like Korean Sushi.

Jap Jae…a noodle and vegetable dish.

DDukbokki…A rice cake dish in a spice red pepper sauce.  Super yummy!

Pajeon…Its like a savory Korean pancake.

Sweet rice cakes…reminds me of mochi.

And then Fruit Tart for dessert!

So much food!  And I didn’t even take pictures of some of the things that we ate!  Needless to say that we were all stuffed when we left!  I didn’t even eat breakfast or lunch the next day cause I was still in pain…ha!

Can’t wait until our next dinner at our Professors house!  Yum yum!



5 thoughts on “Yummy Food!

  1. Now I just want to fly over somewhere where I can get all of these food!! ha ha. I do love Jap Jae, in fact I have it here, just need to cook it. I miss ddukbokki so much, as well as kimbap. Must make something similar this week :-( So hungry!!!

    (p.s. thanks for dropping by my blog, ;-) )

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