City Skylines

If I could spend the rest of my days traveling the world…I would do just that.

Now I have been lucky enough to travel to some really awesome places throughout my life and nothing leaves me as awestruck as city skylines.

 Check out some of my favorites at night!

Bangkok…one of my most favoritest cities in the whole entire world!  I truly loved it here.  I must plan another trip to Thailand soon!

Manila…Where else can you drink a Diet Coke out of zip lock bag with a straw in it?  Shout out to all of my family living in the Philippines!  Miss you all like cray-cray!

Hong Kong…truly the city that never sleeps!  A place where so many of my work friends reside!

Portland, Oregon…the city in which I grew up.  This place will always feel like home.

Seattle, Washington…the city in which I am currently living the “dream.”

There are so many epic places I have yet to travel to and so many cultures that I have not experienced yet!  Ugh, I just need to win the lotto stat!

If you ever need a travel partner…you know who to call!



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