Jewelmint Lovely Audrey Earrings

I would have to say that over 90% of the mail that comes to me is generally a bill.  I have actual come to loath my mailbox and I will only go and retrieve its contents every other week.  I am pretty sure that our mailman hates us as our mailbox is stuffed to the brim and will barely close.

So I was more than elated when I received my Jewelmint piece that I had picked out this month…the Lovely Audrey Earrings!

I know that so many people already have these earrings in the original clear and yellow versions…but I decided to get the pink ones (I know its hard to tell in the pictures) as I really don’t have anything like these.

So pretty, so sparkly!

Ah, Jewelmint and Kate Bosworth…you never disappoint.



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