Hair Bun!

I have had every length of hair imaginable…short angular bob, mid length with layers, and even all the way down to my lower back…I have sported it all.

I chalk it up to my Asian genetics but my hair grows pretty fast.  And right now my hair is pretty long, around mid torso.  But dude, its getting freaking heavy!  Every time I put my hair in a top knot, I end up with a headache by lunch time!

So I decided to bite the bullet today and I will be getting my hair cut!  Nothing big though, just a few inches off and adding new layers…but I am hoping that this will cut down the weight of my hair!

I can’t wait to start rocking the top knot again…and I just found these super cute buns with bows and various hair candy!  I am so inspired right now to…I must buy new hair accessories!!!

Cheers to top knots!


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