Birthday Loves!

It has been a couple of weeks since my birthday has passed, but I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the lovely presents that I received from from my friends and family.

An awesome globe ornament from my boss.  I don’t want to store it away with the rest of my ornaments just quite yet…so I have it perched on my bookshelf as a bookend.

Another gift my boss…Gal Vaseline Collection Lipgloss.  It smells like sweet bubble gum and comes in the coolest tin!

A bit of Rock Star Soap from a good friend who knows I love everything from Lush!  This soap smells like vanilla and sugar…so yummy!

I also got one of my most favoritiest refrigerated face mask from Lush as well from the same friend…Cosmetic Warrior!

A surprise flower delivery at work from another good friend!  I love the cupcake holder and plan to use it as a pen holder after the flowers kick the can.

Another bouquet of beautiful spring flowers!

I know that I already shared this Hello Kitty Phone Case picture in a prior post…but I love it so much!  My roommate and her brother are the best!

A great Hello Kitty haul from my good friend in Hong Kong!  I plan to use this pencil pouch, eraser, automatic pencil & lead at school!!

Another cute Hello Kitty gift from my roommate and her brother!  I love reusable shopping bags!

A pair of khaki linen lace up wedges from my Mom and Dad!

And lastly, I received Sounders soccer tickets from a coworker!  The game was actually scheduled the same night at my birthday….so it was a perfect ending to a perfect day!



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