Australia Bound!

So its officially in the works…I am going to Australia sometime in the late Fall/Winter!

Why you ask?!  To visit my best friend of 22 years, Kristin!

I believe this picture was taken during one of our first grade field trips.  P.S. I was so rocking that vertical stripe jumper!!

And for a more recent picture….

Kristin is more than a best friend…she is like a sister.  Last fall she decided to pack up her life in LA and move to Sydney Australia just for “the heck of it.”  This girl has got some kahunas, and I couldn’t more proud of her!!

She is the one who actually inspired me to start blogging…I figured if she could up and move to a whole new country & work & find time to keep a blog…that I should be able to find time to blog as well!  Check out her blog here where she writes about all the “adventures” she is having in a foreign country!

Anyways, I haven’t really started making the travel arrangements yet…but I have been obsessing over a few clothing items that I want to pack with me!  Check out the below!

Cheers to traveling!


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