It has been awhile since I have posted an OOTD, so I thought I would do one today!

I really had a lot of fun picking out everything this morning!  Not sure what I would classify this look as…but something along the lines of cutesy meets sporty!

I am wearing a simple heather grey v-neck shirt with some cute gunmetal studs at the shoulder (gift from my mother from a few years back), a chiffon double layer skirt (purchased so many years back that I cannot remember where I got it from), a wide waisted belt (purchased from Target many moons ago), and then my nude Chuck Taylors (purchased from Nordstroms recently).



4 thoughts on “OOTD #5

  1. This is Auntie Suzie, not your G-ma…..Your hair is so long and fabulous! I’ve been letting mine grow, but it’s not that long….yet. ;)

    1. Hi! Oh, thanks! I would like to thank my Filipino Father for blessing me with the Asian genes that allow my hair to grow like weeds! I swear it was less than a year ago that I had chopped it all of. :)

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