Whimsically Ethereal

I am lucky enough that my job allows me…no let me reiterate that…actually requires me to read teen fashion magazines.

So the other day while I was flipping through the pages of Teen Vogue reading about what happened on the latest episode of Gossip Girl and how Justin Bieber is currently styling his hair…I came across the below Prom pictorial that blew me away!


So pretty!  And so whimsically romantic!  I am loving these ladylike silhouettes.  And I desperately want the patterned white car coat with the lovely black bow!

I am in love with every one of these shots and in a way they are very reminiscent of the movie Anne of Green Gables.  Look out for a future blog post on my love of this whole movie series I’ve had since childhood.  Oh, I love me some Anne Shirley!!

Cheers to Kindred Spirits!


5 thoughts on “Whimsically Ethereal

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