Loving me some…

Now we all have that one designer brand that we love.

Some people are more attracted to status brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton. While others might follow the artistic and avant garde fashion designs of McQueen or Westwood.

But for me it has always been Helmut Lang.

I know that this is eliciting either of the following two questions….

a.) Who or what is a Helmut Lang?


b.) Why the heck would she chose Helmut Lang? She doesn’t seem the type!

Well if your question is the first, please click here. But if its the latter, see the below…

I will be honest, it is sort of an odd choice. I started following Helmut Lang’s collections back in high school when I saw a video of his Fall 2000 Women’s Collection, and I have been a fan ever since! Even after Helmut Lang left in 2005, I think the house has done a great job in keep the minimalistic + feminine vibe going!

Check out the below collage I threw together of the items that I am currently lusting over!

There is nothing more awesome than when “edgy” and “girly” meet in fashion! Loves it!

Cheers to great design!


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