Hair Stylin’

My last weekend was super busy!  There was barely a minute that was unscheduled!

Saturday = Three Wine Tastings + Studying.

Sunday = Eye Appointment + Funeral + More Studying (not much studying was done the day before due to prior wine consumption) .

So when my stylist offered me a $20 hair style (up do) on Sunday…I immediately said “YES!”  I was looking pretty haggard after my eye appointment and wanted to look decent for the service.  So my gal suggested a french braid to keep my bangs out of my face and to softly curl the rest of my hair.

Here are a few pictures…

All in all I was a pretty pleased!

I just wish my fingers were coordinated enough so I could French Braid my own hair!  Well at least I have this relatively inexpensive option! :)

Cheers to having someone else do your hair!


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