Train Traveling!

So my mother called me a few weeks ago asking when I was going to grace her and the rest of my family with my presence and beauty…and I pretty much told her that I would come down when she paid for a first class train ticket to Portland.

So here I am sitting in a very comfortable leather chair sipping on a bottle of red wine (yes, a whole bottle don’t judge) for the 4 hour journey down south.

Now not everyone likes traveling by train. There can be huge delays or even worse you could get stuck in coach with what I like to call the “regulars.” I believe my family has heard a horror story or two of me being stuck next to annoying “regular” for multiple hours.

But for the most part I have this very romantic/idyllic view of train travel.  I mean where else can you sit down, enjoy some good wine, watch the sun set and watch the world pass by slowly?

Here is a little collage to either inspire or get you into the mood to go on your own railroad adventure!



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