Okay, so this may sound kinda strange…but I am totally in love with this Cartier commercial.

I happened across this particular ad when watching some language videos on uTube for class. Now, normally I hate pop up ads…actually loath would be a better word…but this ad was complete perfection!!!

Shiny jewels + whimsical worlds + a touch of wanderlust + a beautiful backless red ball gown + a diamond encrusted panther = Awesomeness!!!  I want to live inside this commercial!

All in all L’Odyssee De Cartier totally has me hooked!! I have want one of those Cartier LOVE bangles (preferably in the pink gold) REAL BAD…along with a pet panther & golden dragon!



6 thoughts on “Cartier

  1. I have watched many hours of Cartier videos on youtube. This one is new. IT IS INCREDIBLE!! You have probably seen it but there is one that talks about how this film was made. That big kitty is real! Not CGI. I am very impressed. They do that to me every time! No wonder they have been in business over 160 years right!

  2. Big kitty is a leopard. I would loved to have been the lovely lady who got to touch him. Gorgeous commercial!

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