Bus Adventures 2.0

I meet all sorts of strange and random characters while either on the bus or waiting for the bus…and today was no exception. After work I was waiting at my bus stop when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a guy near me wearing a top hat and doing a little jig!  Dude looked exactly one of the chimney sweep dancers from … Continue reading Bus Adventures 2.0

Maybelline Eye Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow

The word “tattoo” is definitely something I try and avoid when picking out makeup.  I mean when you put the words “tattoo” + “makeup” together I automatically think of horribly botched up permanent tattoo’d eyeliner…GROSS!!! But I have heard so much buzz on uTube and various blogs about this amazing new Maybelline Eye Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow, so I had to pick up one to … Continue reading Maybelline Eye Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow


I love checking out other peoples “Outfits Of The Day.” It is always cool to see how other people style themselves with their clothing and interpret various trends. So I thought I would be fun to give it a whirl! Check out the below pics I took of my outfit from today! Unionbay Woven Military Jacket, Nordstrom Caslon Tribal Tunic Tank, Forever 21+ Denim Leggings, … Continue reading OOTD

Stacking Bangles

I just love the way an armful of bangles look!!! Lately, I have been obsessing about stacking all of mine in varying combinations or just wearing some of my larger pieces by themselves. Check out the below pics from the past three days… A gift from my friend in Hong Kong…purchased in a HK boutique. From L to R:  Alex & Ani St. Christopher Bangle … Continue reading Stacking Bangles

For Love Haul

I will preface this post with the below statement: “Hi my name is Michelle and I am an accessory junky.” Well I happened to find myself inside of a For Love 21 store this past week because my roommate needed to pick up a few things for an upcoming trip.  So, of course I ended up with a bag of goodies that I had never … Continue reading For Love Haul