Colorful Hair!

Random little fact about me…


Crazy, I know! I mean how does one get this far in life without ever dyeing, streaking or highlighting their hair?

Well I will tell you…

I haven’t ever had the time nor the money to spend on getting my ‘hair did‘ on a regular basis.

But lately I have been obsessing over the below colorful hair images!!!

Unfortunately, I am too sccuuurred to ever attempt one of these looks permanently.

But I think I have found a non-permanent alternative!!

Kevin Murphy (an Australian Hair Stylist) has created a pigmented hair powder called the “COLOR BUG” that is easily washes out in the shower! Woot!!!

I am planning a trip to Australia sometime in the near future to visit a friend in Sydney…so I do believe I will have to pick up a few of these Color Bugs while down under!!! I can’t wait!!



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