I have been so lazy with my outfit selections all this week.

Not even gonna lie, I totally went to work in something this week that I went to bed in the night before…no joke.  Not sure if its the crappy weather we have been having here in the NW (it was snowing here last week) or the fact that I haven’t been getting enough sleep (generally I get to bed around midnight to 1am), but I have not been in the mood to pick out my clothes in the AM.

So when I was getting ready this morning I was looking for something super comfy and easy to wear…so this is what I came up with!

(Forever 21 Denim Chambray Button Down Shirt, Old Navy White Racerback Tank Top, Striped Knit Maxi Skirt, Pearl & Gold Rosary Necklace & a wide Brown D-Ring Leather Belt I got from Target years ago.)

I was definitely going for that “super comfy” look…mission accomplished!

I have been lovin’ the whole maxi skirt trend that is happening right now and I was elated when I recently scored a knit version from my work!  It is really hard to see in the picture but there are tiny white and black horizontal stripes on the skirt…but it reads like a solid color.  I probably haven’t worn a long skirt since high school!  Think of some horrible denim skirt, possibly ankle length, in a light wash made out of some super cheap denim fabric…ugh, gross.

But this skirt was so much fun to wear and was totally comfortable!



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