Jewelmint Rose Thorn Earrings

Look what arrived in the mail!!!

People, this just made my whole entire week.

For those of you who don’t know what Jewelmint is, check their website out here.  To sum it up, it is a monthly jewelry subscription that Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter created where you can either chose to skip or purchase a piece for $29.99 each month.

I know it may seem a little pricey, but they throw so many fracking email coupon codes at you…I don’t think I have ever paid full price!  And like I mentioned above you can choose to “skip” if you don’t see anything you like and you won’t get charged.

While some of the pieces are not the best quality (cheap-y), most of the pieces are gold plated or sterling silver and are made really well.  You just have to be careful in what you end up purchasing.  And let’s be honest would Kate Bosworth ever steer you wrong…psshh, NEVER!

This month I decided on the “Rose Thorn Earrings.”  This box contained 2 sets of studs…3/4″ worn gold plated bar studs and gold-plated and jet crystal thorn studs.  Check out the pictures below!


I am in LOVE with these earrings!  They are the perfect mix of edgy and feminine!

I have worn both pairs over the past couple of days and have taken the following pictures, enjoy!



I love the fact that you can turn the gold bar studs and wear them different ways.

So far really pleased with this months pick!



P.S. I will try and do a post sometime soon with all of my past Jewelmint purchases!

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