Me…well not quite.

Has anyone ever told you that they saw someone out there who looks just like you?  Well, not me!

I mean my brother-in-law lives over 400 miles away, but I swear I see him every other week!  I see his twin(s) at the grocery store, on the bus, and most recently cruising down 4th Ave on his skateboard. :)

Perhaps I haven’t seen my twin out there because I come from multiracial parents; therefore making my look a little more unique?  Who knows…

For the longest time I didn’t think I had a Doppelganger until I saw the below picture!

Not exactly sure how I came across this picture, but I know its from a few years back…and while she may not look exactly like me…but I swear it might as well be me!!

Nothing says “Michelle” quite like a messy bun on the top of the head + black thick rim glasses + straight across bangs + a boyfriend tank.  Oh my, how I use to rock those bangs from 3rd to 12th grade!!!

Cheers to Mini-Me!


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