Travalo Time!

I swear, I have been on the hunt for the perfect perfume atomizer since the day I exited my mothers womb.

It hasn’t been an easy task believe me. I came out screaming all of the following requirements:

1.) Must not cost an arm and a leg…needs to be under $30.00.
2.) Must be easy to fill up. I am not going to deal with those pesky mini funnels that cause you to lose half of your perfume!
3.) Must be able to use reuse more than once. I am from the Northwest…WE ARE GREEN!!! (*or some crap like that*)
4.) Must be easy to purchase. I don’t want to waste my “green” on shipping and handling.

So imagine my surprise when I found the below atomizer at my local drugstore for under $10.00!!!

I have heard a lot about the Travalo atomizer online and how it is suppose to be the bestest (yes, I said bestest) on the market. I love that you never have to actually spray the perfume into the atomizer…it is easily filled with this small suction device at the base of the Travalo!

I just removed the spray nozzle from one of my perfume bottles and then placed the Travalo on top and it worked perfectly! Now I have 50+ sprays (so says the packaging) and I never had to touch/spray/pour the perfume…SHEER GENIUS!



8 thoughts on “Travalo Time!

  1. That is exciting!! I have wanted a beautiful perfume bottle with the dangly balls that you pinch forever!!!! (you loved that, and you know exactly what I mean)

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