Bow-tastic 2.0

Well, it was inevitable…

I found me some more bows!

I seriously think I have an addiction!  I can’t help it!  But I guess if I have to be addicted to something it might as well be something sweet and adorable!! ;)

Check out the below pictures of some new hair bows I have been wearing over the past couple of days!

In the picture above I am sporting a messy fishtail braid with my H & M Rose Gold Metal Elastic Hair Bow ($5.95 for a pack of two).

And then there is the For Love Bobby Pins Bows ($1.50 for two) that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  In the picture above I literally double knotted my hair twice, secured with a hair elastic, and then stuck the bobby pin bow right in.

And lastly, there is my iPhone which has been officially “bow-ified” and hit with the pink and white polka dot stick!


 Both the iPhone cover and the little white plastic headphone jack bow were purchased separately on eBay for under $9.00!  I know that it looks super girly…but I love it!

I seriously can’t resist a good bow!  I will keep you posted on any new bow purchases!



6 thoughts on “Bow-tastic 2.0

  1. So cute! I love bows like that, lol I even made them a main part of latest designs. I love the way you have put them low in your hair like that, I haven’t seen that before – very pretty.

    1. Glad your loving it Caitlin! Believe me my life really isn’t that exciting…I just like taking pictures of everything that is girly in my life and then post them. :)

  2. I think the thing is that you are embracing your love of “girly” things. A lot girls are too afraid to admit that they like bows, pink, lace, frills, ruffles, sparkles and all things traditionally associated with girls. I totally admire your willingness to put it out there!

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