Asian Grocery Store

Over the weekend I made a little trip to the Asian grocery store because I needed to pick up some collagen face packs (per my dermatologists suggestion)…so I thought I would post a picture of what I picked up!

From Top To Bottom, L to R: Hawaiian Hurrican Popcorn (popcorn w/seaweed & rice crackers), Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Hello Panda Chocolate Filled Cookies, Chocolate & Strawberry Hello Kitty Biscuits and the Japanese Collagen Face Packs.

My original plan was just to go and grab the face packs, but of course I got distracted by all the crazy fun Asian snacks!!

I will let you all know how the face packs work once I have used a few of them… for right now I am too busy nom nom-ing on my treats right now! :)



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