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Stationary Haul

I know that I don’t usually do haul posts like this, but I had to share with all of you the cute stationary items that I purchased from one of my all time favorite boutiques…Lucca.  This little boutique has been my go to place whenever I need to pick up a quick present for a friend or I want to find something cool for my place.  They honestly have the best mix of whimsical and gothic items…which we all know is right up my alley!

Here is what I got!

DSC00564DSC00551Okay, how adorable is this illustrated kitten?!  I love that the eyes were drawn so large, yet there is still something creepy about them. This is actually a postcard that I plan on using as an insert in my monthly planner.


I am also a big fan of black and white sea life illustrations…primarily octopus and whales.  So I grabbed this little postcard to throw on my decor wall at work.

DSC00555And lastly, I grabbed these two sheets of map stickers.  Now, I am not a big scrapbooker, nor am I a huge crafts person…but I like to keep a small stock pile of stickers on hand.  They are always good to jazz up letters or cards & they always look super cute when used to seal up envelopes.

I hope you all enjoyed my tiny little haul…and please excuse the fact that this is outside my typical ‘realm’ of hauls.  But if you are anything like me…you love reading all sorts of different haul blog posts and watching various haul videos! :)



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Beauty Products From Croatia!!

A while back, one of my coworkers trekked across Croatia with her husband and while there she brought back these lovely locally hand made beauty products!!

DSC00159 DSC00172 DSC00177

I can’t even begin to describe how great both of these products smell!! The Lavender & Sweet Orange Lip Balm smells like the freshest oranges and the Relaxation & Healing Salve smells like most soothing lavender! Truly you can tell that these were made with the best locally fresh and organic ingredients.

So far I’ve been obsessed with both of these products and have been finding myself reaching for them constantly throughout the day! And what’s even better is that they have an Etsy shop, so I will contact the sellers as soon as I run out…guess I don’t have to travel all the way over to Croatia to stock up! ;)



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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…for May.

Now I know that we still have a few more days left in the month of May…but I thought it was a good time to post about my two favorite products that I have been LOVING this month!!

My Kula Herbs Loofah Soaps from Hawaii and my new Tory Burch Blue Floral Printed Makeup Bag!!!


I was actually gifted this pretty makeup bag from a lovely friend and I have found it to be the perfect size to carry inside my handbag.  I tend to switch up my makeup each day, so I find that I can fit anything from eyeshadow pallets to longer brushes with ease.  Also, I love that it is super easy to wipe down with a damp cloth…there is nothing that I hate more than a dirty looking makeup bag!!


I also love the gold hardware on this little makeup bag!!  Too cute!


I am a BIG fan of the Kula Herbs soap line!  Every time I got back to Hawaii I make sure to stock up.  This time I stocked up on their Glycerin Loofah Soaps.  I would have to say that I probably purchased 10+ of these soaps on my last trip to Maui, but I ended up giving away most to friends and family.  I made sure to keep at least three for myself, which are pictured below.


Now after having used these soaps over the past couple of months, I have to say that these are the best body soaps ever!  I love the tropical scents and the loofah does a perfect job exfoliating.  I would have to say that the Lilikoi Guava scent has been my favorite thus far.

Well I hope you enjoyed my quick little May Monthly favorites blog post…and I hope that you all have a fantastic rest of your weekend!



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Hawaii 4.0

I recently just got back Maui and thought I should share a few pictures from my vacation with y’all!!!


Every evening as the sun was setting the grounds people would light the tiki torches surrounding the cover and all of the residents would blow conch shells from the balconies.


I loved the super tall palm trees near Honokeana Cove.  It was really cool to watch these trees sway during those strong tropical winds.

IMG_0964 copy

It ain’t a trip to Maui unless you visit Ululani’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice in Lahaina!  This picture was pretty much taken to make the rest of my family, who were unable to join us on this trip, very jealous…it worked. ;)


Pretty Lanai Island off in the distance.  It was pretty cloudy the first couple of days we were Maui, so this was my first glimpse of the island.


While waiting for our Macadamia Nut Pancakes at the very popular Gazebo breakfast restaurant, I walked over to Napili Beach to watch the waves crashing up on the rocks.  I swear I could stare out at the ocean for days at a time.


These massive sea turtles would come and sunbath on the rocks every afternoon.  There were over 20 living in this little cove!  You should have seen my day freaking out every time he saw one of these giant turtles wash up on the rocks.  He would run and grab his Selfie Stick and proceed to take a million pictures with them, hehe.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures & I hope you all have a lovely day! :)



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Fall Home Decor

I am SO excited for Fall!!!  I love everything about it…the chill in the air, the leaves changing color, the fuzzy clothing, and the yummy warm drinks!!  So in order to get myself in the “Fall” mood I decided to pick up some Autumn decor for my place…and what better place to pick up a few items than the Dollar Tree!

Now I hadn’t been in a Dollar Tree in years so I didn’t think that I would find much, but boy was I wrong!!  Check out my rather large haul!!

photo 2

photo 3

I can’t believe these little ceramic pumpkins were only a dollar!  So naturally I thought it would be best if I grabbed one in every color they had!

photo 4

And how adorable are these little glass lanterns?  I thought they would be so pretty at night with a burning tea light on my window sill.

photo 5

And I thought these Fall leaf tea light holders were too cute!  I believe there was also a clear leaf version as well, but I decided to stick with all of the Fall colors instead.

photo 26

I also picked up two bags (50 count each) of Fall silk leaves to spread around my place.  I thought they would look great on our little end tables, shelves and counters.  And lastly, I picked up the currant garland on a recent outing to Joann Fabrics.  I am planning on placing the garland around some bookshelves!  I can’t wait to start decorating tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed this haul and perhaps are a little inspired to make your home a little more Fall like!



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Medium Length Hair Styles

A couple of months back I decided to chop off my hair…twelve inches to be exact!

Now I’ve kept my hair rather long the past few years…roughly a couple inches past my bust.  But I was starting to get headaches because of the sheer weight of my hair.  Luckily, I am in no way emotionally attached to my hair…so I have absolutely no qualms with rocking short or long hair.

All that to say…I am loving how much easier it is to style my mid length hair.  I am able to put my hair up in cute updo’s without it all falling out because there is too much hair or because of the weight!!

Here are a few styles that I’m planning on trying out in the near future!

braidedsectionfishtailbraidlow chignon minibuns

(Images are from We Heart It)

So many hair style options to choose from…so little time!  I hope you found this post a little useful…and let me know if you have any other good ideas for medium to shoulder length hairstyles! :)

Well I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!!



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Distant City Lights

In the past year I have relocated a bit closer to the heart of the city and I can honestly say that my obsession with the blurry distant city lights has grown even stronger.

I find myself getting totally distracted from whatever mundane task that I am doing only to realize that I’ve spent an absurd amount of time staring out my window while watching the dancing city lights.

Here are a few of the most recent photos that I have been obsessing over.

photo 1lightshyperlights citylights traffic twilightlights

(All images are from We Heart It)

I swear all of the above pictures have at one point been either a background or home screen for either my work computer, my personal laptop or my iPhone…like I said, I am obsessed!!

Also, I wanted to share a photo that I was able to capture on my iPhone the other day.  My friend and I were walking around the city as the sun was setting and I was able to capture my own blurry city lights!!

photo 22

Here is to more city light gazing!



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Medical Skeleton Graphics + Fashion = Perfect Combo!

So I whole heartily blame my mother for my most recent obsession with curiosities and oddities!

Awhile back she had introduced me to a television show regarding the buying and selling of oddities thinking that I would find it fascinating…and boy was she right!!  Now I am not into the truly strange or morbid oddities.  I find that I am definitely drawn towards the more girly and feminine curiosities of this world.

Now perhaps it is due to the nature of my work, but I have been noticing more and more old school medicinal skeleton graphics showing up on clothing and I am loving it!!!

Check out these super cute tops…

gothic fashion skeletonsweatshirt

(All images are from We Heart It)

I love how a simple skeleton graphic can instantly turn a rather basic t-shirt or sweatshirt into an edgier piece.  And I also love how this look totally fits into that whole Rocker Chic trend that I have been loving and blogging about lately.  Ugh, I am mad lusting over both of these tops right now.

I will keep you posted on my ever growing curiosity collection!!



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Anne of Green Gables 2.0

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables series!  I pretty much wore out my old VCR taped copies of these movies as a child.  And still till this day I love to quote me some “Anne Shirley” every once and awhile. ;)

Recently, I was scouring the internet for some fashion inspiration and came across this image on We Heart It…


How Anne of Green Gables are these girls?!  I love all the detailed lace on the dresses…the cute straw hats with the black bow ribbon…and that lace parasol!!  I just love this image and just had to share!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

“It’s not what the world holds for you. It’s what you bring to it.”  -Anne Shirley



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Hawaii 3.0

I can hardly believe it, but I am actually headed back to Hawaii in a few short days!

I hadn’t even made it completely back home from my last Maui trip (technically I was in the Portland airport catching my connecting flight up to Seattle) when my best friend called to tell me that she just got engaged and that I would be headed back to Maui just a few short months later for her wedding!

Now I have been looking forward to this vacation, but I really haven’t been thinking about it nonstop. So when I looked at my calendar today and realized that I will be leaving in a matter of days…I kinda freaked out for a second.

There are so many last minute things still left to do…like getting a new pair of sunglasses and replenishing all my travel sized toiletries. Oh, and I still need to firm up the travel itinerary and then there is the dreaded packing…ugh!

But when all is said and done…I will get to see my beautiful best friend get married, many tropical cocktails will be consumed, and there will definitely be some much needed one on one time with me and the beach. I am so excited! Mahalo!




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