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Anne of Green Gables 2.0

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables series!  I pretty much wore out my old VCR taped copies of these movies as a child.  And still till this day I love to quote me some “Anne Shirley” every once and awhile. ;)

Recently, I was scouring the internet for some fashion inspiration and came across this image on We Heart It…


How Anne of Green Gables are these girls?!  I love all the detailed lace on the dresses…the cute straw hats with the black bow ribbon…and that lace parasol!!  I just love this image and just had to share!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

“It’s not what the world holds for you. It’s what you bring to it.”  -Anne Shirley



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Hawaii 3.0

I can hardly believe it, but I am actually headed back to Hawaii in a few short days!

I hadn’t even made it completely back home from my last Maui trip (technically I was in the Portland airport catching my connecting flight up to Seattle) when my best friend called to tell me that she just got engaged and that I would be headed back to Maui just a few short months later for her wedding!

Now I have been looking forward to this vacation, but I really haven’t been thinking about it nonstop. So when I looked at my calendar today and realized that I will be leaving in a matter of days…I kinda freaked out for a second.

There are so many last minute things still left to do…like getting a new pair of sunglasses and replenishing all my travel sized toiletries. Oh, and I still need to firm up the travel itinerary and then there is the dreaded packing…ugh!

But when all is said and done…I will get to see my beautiful best friend get married, many tropical cocktails will be consumed, and there will definitely be some much needed one on one time with me and the beach. I am so excited! Mahalo!




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Early Bird

I am nearly done with all of my Christmas shopping and let me just say…it feels so good!

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I was able to knock out most of my gift list.  I think with a little preparation before Thanksgiving…creating a list with presents I planned on buying and where I was going to get them, and many hours checking online deals…I was able to stay within budget and get everyone gifts I think they will all love!

So with that said, I now only have a few more “food” gifts that will need to be picked up right before Christmas , but besides those I am done!!  Woot!

Now come the challenging part…gift wrapping and figuring out how I am going to pack everything in my suitcase! >_<

Can’t wait to be home to place everything under a sparkly, orby lighted tree!




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It’s December Already!

Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!  It’s already December and Christmas is just around the corner!!!  No joke, kind of freaking out here…but in a good way!! :)

There is something so magical about the whole Christmas season!  From meeting up with friends for holiday parties to bundling up and venturing into the city to find the most perfect present for a family member…I truly love it all!

But perhaps one of my most favorite things about the holidays is the simple act of walking downtown in the evening, looking at all of the lovely Christmas lights strung about in the trees.  It’s like you’re walking in a movie or something.  I love those soft orbs of light that can be seen from blocks away.

Here is what I am talking about…..

ChristmasLights TreeLights SnowLights OrbLights

Ah, perfection!  Can’t wait for Christmas!!

 On a side note…I am truly sorry for not blogging lately.  I have been a little crazed with work and social activities, so I really haven’t turned on my laptop in a couple of weeks.  But thank you all for your emails and messages asking when I would return with a new post!  I will try and be more on the ball! :)



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Well ain’t she fancy!

Ok, so I need EVERYTHING in this picture!!


 I need the bunny, the leather gloves, and the embellished jacket!

I would also like for someone to come by and set my hair in soft romantic waves…all while standing by some body of water looking all model-like.

Now if I had ALL that going on…I could officially classify myself as “fancy.”

 Well I hope you all are having a fabulous and fancy Saturday!



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Straight Backpack Stuntin’

Check out my cute new pink backpack!!


Doesn’t it look like I am ready to go back to school? :)

I have actually been on the lookout for a backpack that is small and light enough to pack into my suitcase for my upcoming Hawaii trip.  So when I spotted this bag at Urban Outfitters, I knew that it would work well for hikes but would be large enough to use as a beach bag as well.  Plus I love the super whimsical bird and floral print!!!

And check out how neatly it folds up into the front pouch!!


 Now, get this…this bag was on sale for $10.00, but they were having a 30% Labor Day Sale.  So I only paid $7.00.  Loves it!!!!!!



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Maui Bound!

In less than a week I will be laying on the sandy beaches of Maui, soaking in the sun, and drinking many-many tropical cocktails.  I can hardly wait!

And honestly, this vacation couldn’t come at a better time.  I’ve been feeling so burnt out due to work and my busy schedule that I am in dire need of some rest and relaxation! :)


I have never been to Maui, so I am really excited to explore the island and see what it has to offer.  I am traveling with my whole family and we have numerous fun adventures in store.  I will try and blog about what we are up to and whatnot…but until then…

aloha sign



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City View

Now we all have some sort of picture in our head of what our dream home may look like.  For some it maybe a beautiful two story home with a white picket fence out in the suburbs; or it might even be a peaceful cottage in the country with a wrap around porch.

But for me, I have always gotten the “warm and fuzzy’s” over the thought of living in a high rise condo in the heart of some big metropolitan city.  Someplace that has large windows to gaze out onto the streets to see people coming and going during the day and to watch the little light orbs of street traffic moving at night.

IMG_6530 nightview IMG_6527 paris girlwindow nightsky2

(All pictures are from We Heart It.)

There is something so awesome about city living…I think it has to do with all of the “life” that you are constantly surrounded by.  People constantly coming in, and people constantly going out…



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New Layout!

If you are thinking that things on my blog are looking a little bit different, you would be totally correct!!!

I decided to try out this new layout because I was feeling like my old format was a little too busy.  I am hoping that this new layout is easier to follow, as I really enjoyed how this one looked while in beta.

Let me know if you do or don’t like the new layout in the comments section below!

Also…I wanted to say “THANK YOU” to each and every single one of my followers and subscribers here on A Whimsical Tale of Wanderlust!!


While working on my blog this week I noticed that I already have over 300 subscribers who have signed up to get emails whenever I make a new post!!  Honestly, it astounds me that anyone at all cares about what I write…let alone over 300 people!!!

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!



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Sweet Rest…

I was pretty much traveling in and out of town every single weekend during the month of July.  From Seattle to Portland, to Chicago back to Seattle, to Portland again back up to Seattle, and then last weekend I went on a little quick trip to Las Vegas to see one of my cousins literally get married by Elvis, then back up to Seattle.

Needless to say I am pooped.  And nothing brings me greater joy than having absolutely no plans this weekend.  I am just going to rest, relax and recharge!


I might even go on a little hike down by the water, but that is really I have on the books!  Oh, that and a ton of laundry. :(



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